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Our company Sürsan Makine was established in 2012 to import and sell automatic bar feeders, which are indispensable elements of CNC lathes. We are the Turkey distributor of Italian brand Top Automazioni, Taiwan brand Probar, Taiwan brand Stc and lastly the German brand Irco bar feeders that we have taken the dealership of. And in addition to the bar feeder, we got the dealership of the Italian Dupuy brand to sell industrial vacuum feeders, which is also in great need of the industry.


Bar feeders, which are an indispensable element of CNC lathe machines that we use in machining, facilitate our serial production, and enable us to finish our work in a short time without loss of time and labor. Reducing material loss by processing our complete 3 mt. By using our existing personnel more efficiently, we can see at least 25% increase in production. When you use it, you will see that the machines that you have bought will increase the cost by many times in a very short time.