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Our Company Bkt Mak. Iml. Ltd. Şti. was established in 2007 to manufacture hydraulic bar feeders. We have two companies as BKT MAKİNA and SURSAN MAKİNE. BKT MAKİNA manufactures hydraulic bar feeders in Ankara and provides service for all brand and model bar feeders. SURSAN MAKİNE is the distributor of Italian TOP AUTOMAZIONI, Taiwan STC and SÜRSAN branded “which we produce as MCS model in Taiwan” bar feeders and Italian MASTERVAC industrial vacuum cleaners


It makes it easy to manufacture the series of bar feeders which are indispensable elements of CNC lathes that we use in machining. It enables us to finish our work without any time and labor loss in a short time. It reduces the loss of material by machining a single piece of material instead of cutting 3 m. By using our existing staff more efficiently, we can see an increase of at least 25% in our production. When you use it, you will see that these machines you have bought will bring you up to a very short time and cost more than you will.